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Understanding SEO Search Query Types


The primary goal of a search engine and a search marketer are not too different.

Both have the same aim, which is to present the searcher with the most important and most relevant set of search results that match their search query.

But not all search queries have the same intent and it is the search engines job (as well as the search marketers) to understand what the user wants to achieve.

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How To Secure Your OpenCart Admin Folder Using Htaccess


If you run an OpenCart ecommerce website, you will want to protect your /admin/ folder to prevent unauthorised access.

One simple way to achieve this is to lock the admin folder down by ip address or range of ip addresses.

To do this, create a fresh bare bones .htaccess file and place the following code in it.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} !^99\.55\.66\.78
RewriteRule .* [R=301,L]

Note that you will need to enter your own ip address in place of the one above. Also make sure to use the correct regular expression format of \. before each ip address octet.

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Define Your Target SEO Audience With 6 Simple Questions


One of the biggest mistakes I see people making when undertaking an SEO campaign is not really understanding WHO their target audience actually is.

I mean, how can you sell anything to someone if you don’t understand who they are and what’s important to them?

If you really want to start on the right foot, you need to define your target audience. Once you have a better idea of who your visitors are rather than some random IP address or some demographic statistic in Google Analytics, you’ll be better able to target the right keywords and create highly focused content.

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How To Make Youtube Videos Load Faster And On Demand


There comes a time when you will want to add a YouTube video to your site, and why not?

Videos are a great marketing tool. Your site visitors much prefer to watch a 2 minute video than to read 2,000 words of text.

But there is a downside. Namely, speed and page load times.

If you are an SEO or webmaster in the know, you will be aware that going back as far as 2010, Google announced that speed is a ranking factor. Back in 2010, it was only a minor ranking factor; today I would say that it has been given a little more weight so is something you should be working on improving.

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How To Redirect Website Traffic To A Maintenance Page


Sometimes, you will want to perform some work on your website, but at the same time, let visitors know that the site is being worked on and not broken.

One easy solution is to modify the .htaccess file and temporarily redirect your visitors to a maintenance page which can display a nice simple message updating them of your progress.

The code below allows you to do just that and also allows you to exclude your own ip address so that you can modify your site and avoid being restricted like everyone else.

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Twitter Best Practices For 2014 – Infographic


I recently stumbled upon this fantastic infographic offering some excellent tips for those who want to use Twitter.

Most of the tips I think are spot on. I would add that timing is essential and that if you do use Twitter, it’s important to make sure you are posting at the times in which the majority of your followers are actually active.

This is especially important if you are based in say the UK and your clients are based in other countries. You may even need to schedule your tweets for maximum effect.

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12 On-Page SEO Factors For Both Search Engines And Users


Although we keep hearing cries of “SEO is dead” thrown around from time to time, I still believe as do many other SEO pro’s that SEO is most definitely NOT dead.

Many of the techniques below are still considered sound practices when it comes to optimising your content for organic search visibility. But lets also remember that it’s not just about search engines, in fact, most of your efforts should be made with the user in mind, not the search engines.

By optimising your content for users, you naturally make it more attractive for search engines. Search engines love social signals, so by focusing your content on your users, it becomes more shareable which will ultimately lead to organic improvements and exposure.

So by improving readability, usability and by adding images and video, your content has a far greater chance of reaching those all important influencers on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.

So for me, these 12 techniques are not only important for search engines, but even more important for users!

on page seo factors

Twitter Adds New Mute Feature


If you have a Twitter account and like me you have one or two tweeps who enjoy the sound of their own tweets, you’ll be pleased to know that Twitter has finally unveiled it’s Mute feature.

There’s nothing worse than having your Twitter stream filled up with tweets from the same people that don’t add to the conversation or provide their followers with anything of any value.

The Mute feature allows you to silence any Twitter user that is following you. This means that the users tweets will no longer be available in your stream. Notifications though containing @replies and @mentions etc will still be seen from a muted user, as to are DM messages.

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How To Disable Countries In OpenCart Using MySQL


I love OpenCart! As a free open source shopping cart product, it has excellent functionality and providing you aren’t afraid to get your hands a little dirty, is easy to customise.

I recently had a client ask me to only activate specific countries within OpenCart as shipping to all other countries was no longer required. So, I set about disabling them, only to find that there is no bulk way to do this (shame on you OpenCart).

How to disable Opencart countries

There are a couple of solutions. One is to install one of the Vqmods from the extensions area of the OpenCart site, the other is to do a little bit of MySQL trickery and disable them all in one fell swoop. You then just need to manually enable the ones that you do want to ship too. This is obviously a darn site easier than manually disabling 200 or so countries within the OpenCart admin panel.

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Golf Breaks In Spain Look To Amby Marketing


Golf Holidays in Costa del Sol SpainWe at Amby Marketing take great pleasure in announcing a new addition to our current list of clients.

We are delighted to welcome Costa del Sol based golf tour operator, Golf Breaks in Spain on board and look forward to promoting the site in the coming months.

Golf Breaks in Spain have been established for a number of years and aim to make their clients golf holidays as stress free as possible by providing not only accommodation in some of the Costa del Sol’s best hotels, but also tee times, golf club hire, airport transfers and even car hire.

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