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Improve Your Social Media Engagement With Well Timed Updates


You use social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook right? You probably update your status on a regular basis, but did you ever stop to think as to whether you were posting at the right time or even on the right day?

Facebook Now Using Per Post Impressions And Feedback Stats


Facebook can be a great marketing medium for any business, but it can sometimes be a little difficult to get any real stats on usage data. Facebook recently announced that page owners can now view in-page impressions and feedback on a per post basis as can be seen in the image below.

Permission Marketing – 6 Stages To Social Media Success


I’m not going to speak about how great Twitter, Facebook and other sites are and how they represent huge opportunities for businesses to attract and connect to more potential customers. What I want to speak about in this post is HOW you truly connect via social media to those who are looking for your services […]

How To Grow Your Social Circle – An Hour A Day


Are you looking to promote your business via social media? Do you ponder over the following questions when you think about social media? Will I be able to find time? Will it pay off? Will anyone listen to what I have to say? Could I be spending my time in better ways? The truth is […]

10 Simple Ways To Promote Your Facebook Fan Page – Part 3


I’ve already covered in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, 7 jaw droppingly simple methods you can use to attract more fans to your Facebook fan page. After all, whats the use in posting updates if nobody is listening? In today’s post I will give you three more really easy methods. I’m sure […]

10 Simple Ways To Promote Your Facebook Fan Page – Part 2


In part 1 of “10 Simple Ways To Promote Your Facebook Fan Page”, I gave you three easy ways of how you can promote your facebook fan page in order to attract more fans. Facebook, if used correctly, is a great tool for building your brand and in turn, gain greater mind share within your […]

10 Simple Ways To Promote Your Facebook Fan Page – Part 1


Do you have a fan/business page on Facebook and need to attract some fans? Well start reading my 3 part series and find out how you can do just that using some simple techniques. Facebook represents a fantastic opportunity for any business looking to make its mark on the web. If you can attract enough […]