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Define Your Target SEO Audience With 6 Simple Questions


One of the biggest mistakes I see people making when undertaking an SEO campaign is not really understanding WHO their target audience actually is.

I mean, how can you sell anything to someone if you don’t understand who they are and what’s important to them?

If you really want to start on the right foot, you need to define your target audience. Once you have a better idea of who your visitors are rather than some random IP address or some demographic statistic in Google Analytics, you’ll be better able to target the right keywords and create highly focused content.

Use these five simple questions below to form a better understand of just who you want to attract to your site.

What are our visitors objectives?

What groups are we targeting?

Where do they come from?

Where else do they go online?

What language do they speak?

Why would they use our site and not a competitors?

Asking these and other questions can help you to stay focused, target the right keywords and build content based on those keywords.

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