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Conversion optimisationConversion optimisation and web usability is a crucial aspect of promoting your website online.

Driving traffic to your website takes time, money and effort, all of which will be wasted if your site has poor usability or is unable to convert visitors into paying customers.

This is why it is important at the very beginning of putting your website live that you make sure that you have strong UVP(Unique Value Proposition) and that you undertake usability testing to ascertain if there is anything that may prevent users from completing the desired action whether that is to make an enquiry or to buy a product.

We always say that there are two reasons whyj  a user does not buy. They either CAN’T buy, or WON’T buy.

If a user is unable to find what they are looking for due to poor usability and web design then they CAN’T buy. If they do not want to buy due to uncompetitive pricing or if the product or service is unable to solve a specific problem for the consumer, then the consumer WON’T buy. It is important that from the very outset that you know which one it is by conducting usability testing and A/B split testing.

Conversion optimisation and web usability can be purchased separately or applied to any package, but will depend on budget.